Service Adventure Workers:

       Erin Rhodes

       Jonathan Ludwig

       Eva Quiring

​       Evan Finger

​       Abby Turner


Board of Directors:

​  Harvey Hahl, C.L.U.

  Ted Carrico
       Vice Chairman

  Claire W. Montoya, M.Ed.

  P. James Hayes

  Charles Gilbert

  Mike Stevens

A Christian Ministry to Youth and Families!

Cheryl B. Keafer, M.S.W.
Director of Counseling​

Brian Burket, M.A.


Melissa Eckroth, M.A.

​      Counselor

Sue Stevens

      Office Manager

Trudy Rudnik

​      Office Staff

Janice Kichler

​      Evening Receptionist

Tara Ometz
      Children's Ministry Coordinator

Tracy Rhodes
      Children's Ministry

Dan Rupert

      Sports and Children's Ministry

Trista Holdsworth

      Children's Ministry​​

Wanick Fayette

​      Children's Ministry

Rev. Jack Rupert

​      Executive Director


The staff of New Day, Inc. are dedicated to serving the community and sharing the love of Jesus, no matter what role they play in the workings of the ministry. From the servant leadership of Pastor Jack to the helping hands of our always busy office staff, they enjoy the time they share with one another in service to the Kingdom of God!

Who: The People at New Day