• Child & Youth Programs

​           Two main programs serve the needs of the children and youth of our community, the After-School Program and our Summer Ministry Program. Check out the CHILD & YOUTH page for more information. Along with these on-going programs we have a thriving Sports Program, such as Youth Basketball teams and clinics, that changes depending on the interest of the children. Our SPORTS MINISTRY page will tell you more about it!

  • Parenting Class and Support Group

          Parent education and group support that provides resources and skills development that encourages parents toward effective family living. For more information: PARENTING CLASS  As needed we also plan a Parent Night for the parents of students in our programs.

  • Family Fun Night

         Monthly night out for the whole family designed to provide quality time together while sharing some food and engaging in positive recreational activities. Families can use this time to strengthen relationships within the family and support systems within their community.
           New Day staff uses this time to model effective communication and parenting techniques for adults, as well as appropriate responses to authority and conflict resolution to children and youth.

  • Professional Counseling

​           New Day is committed to providing professional counseling from a Biblical perspective. Our counselors are available to work with children and families from all of our New Day programs, as well as any who contact us from the community. For more information go to the COUNSELING page.

A Christian Ministry to Youth and Families!

The Family Ministry Programs available through New Day act as a preventive support to families in need. With a variety of programs available to every family member, New Day creates a caring environment that fosters emotional, social and spiritual growth, as well as an atmosphere conducive to healing and reconciliation. New Day strives to saturate the family with God's love, and in turn, has the opportunity to speak into families' lives.

By self-referral or from another agency or among New Day, families can participate in multiple programs, which maximize the provided level of support. For example, families may simultaneously participate in Parenting Classes, Counseling, After-School Program, Family Nights, and Youth Basketball.​​

Family Ministry