The video instruction and corresponding book being used is entitled:

“Parenting is Heart Work”
By: Dr. Scott Turansky & Joanne Miller 

How to turn correction times into learning experiences.
How to equip your children to accept responsibility for their mistakes.
How to connect with your children, so discipline touches their heart.

Call the New Day office any time of the year to register: (814) 535-8202
Classes are held at:
New Day, Inc.
109 South Street
Johnstown, PA 15901

Each class is a suggested $5/person
Book is $10 (optional)

CYS or court mandated participants will receive a certificate of attendance
and a Participant’s Progress Report after they have completed all sessions
(all classes must be paid in full [$5/class] to receive a certificate and report for court)

Changing the heart is a powerful way to help children make lasting changes. God is ultimately the one to change a person’s heart but the day-to-day work of parenting is often used by God to do the long-term work of helping a child accept responsibility for their behaviors.

Parents are using strategies right now for giving instructions, correcting kids, addressing bad attitudes, and setting limits, but some of those parents are frustrated because their techniques are often counterproductive. Increased anger and yelling, for example, dominate many homes. 

Along with prayer for our children, the Parenting is Heart Work curriculum will equip parents in the most common areas of family life.  These videos and round table discussions will provide practical strategies to help parents resolve problems without using anger. Through Dr. Turansky and Joanne Miller’s teaching and group discussion, parents will get to know their children on deeper levels and discover that they can move their children along toward greater maturity. 

For more information on this curriculum and other helpful products:

Check out the Book:  "Parenting is Heart Work"

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This is a 6-week course which includes video instruction, directed class discussion, and recommended homework. Classes are facilitated by a qualified therapist and/or other designated intern on staff at the time. The classes normally run  for 6 weeks.

Parenting Class and Support Group