• Contact Dan Rupert at danielrupert44@gmail.com or call New Day at (814) 535-8202 for more information on the Sports Ministry.

A Christian Ministry to Y0uth and Families!

Our vision in the Sports Ministry at New Day, Inc., is to minister to youth and families in light of God's love and desire for every person to know Him personally. Our mission is to impact and develop Christian athletes through competitive athletics and relevant sports programming. Our purpose is to see youth holistically proclaim and live the gospel of Jesus Christ in every area of life.

With that in mind, we strive to instill Christ-centered teaching, promote holistic development through biblical principles, create an atmosphere filled with fun, and encourage competing with integrity and intensity. Built on a philosophy of relationship, respect and responsibility; children are trained in mature relationship skills with the Lord and others based on mutual respect and trustworthiness. With respect comes a sense of responsibility to work at maintaining and showing good stewardship over those bonds and duties God has entrusted to us.

Sports Ministry