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109 South Street ~ Kernville in Johnstown

Where we were to where we are now!

2018 marked the 40th year of ministry for New Day, Inc. (NDI). Founded in Johstown, PA in 1978 by the late Rev. Dr. Noah S. Martin and Rev. John Manges, two Church of the Brethren pastors who had a burden for troubled and at-risk youth. The first New Day office was in the basement of Dr. Noah Martin's home and the first counseling was conducted in a room donated by a church for that purpose. Within several months New Day outgrew its basement office, not long after settling into a home on 109 South Street in Kernville where it resides today. In 2001, through the support of the community, NDI was able to move into a wonderful new facility which includes a gymnasium - built at the 109 South St. location. 

New Day is a separate charitable organization which is governed by its own Board of Directors. It is not affiliated with any one church group or denomination and is in fact supported by a wide variety of churches and church groups as part of its base of support.

In addition to its headquarters in Johnstown, NDI has a branch office in Windber, started in 1983. The Windber office operates out of the Windber Community Building and ministers primarily to the youth of the Windber community. More information can be found on the Windber branch by following the link at the top right of this page.

The programs of NDI are based on the Christian perspective of life. Principles of the Christian faith are presented as a decisive alternative to self-destructive forces. Individuals are encouraged to develop positive, meaningful relationships with self, society, and God. New Day's family-centered approach is designed to be preventive in nature. Help is offered upon early signs of trouble for the sake of preventing deeper and more intensely destructive behavioral patterns.​​

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